Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy (colonics or colonic irrigation) has been around for centuries. It is a safe, effective way to remove waste from the large intestine, without the use of drugs. 


Many people are fearful or cringe when they hear about colonics (and we all know why!) However colon hydrotherapy is safe and gentle.  Now what you really want to know is that the tube used to insert into your rectum is a less than a pencil size tube, and you get to insert the tube in complete privacy, and are completely covered the whole time.


The other aspect of colonics you will want to know is that with the open system used at Inside Out Health, the therapist does not stay with you the whole time during the treatment. Once you are set up and know what you are doing you are left in complete privacy. 


In simple terms colon hydrotherapy is a colon cleansing process that is used to detoxify the body by the elimination of toxins and waste that build up and get stuck in the colon.


The process uses temperature regulated water that is treated with double filtration; through a hot water carbon filter and then a UV light purifier.  It is gravity fed making it a very gentle process (and odour free!)


Choosing a colonic


Do you experience any of the following: bloating, constipation, fatigue, excess wind, backaches, skin problems, feeling unwell, bad body odour, diarrhea, severe headaches, candida, athletes foot, allergies, low immunity and a sense of always feeling full? These may be indicators that you need to cleanse your body's elimination system. 

Colon hydrotherapy can also assist with weight loss programmes as the process helps the body to eliminate waste, toxins and function more efficiently.


Having treatments on a regular basis assists your body to be as toxin and accumulated waste free as possible, thereby helping it to function more efficiently and assist with immunity which will help fight off sickness and disease in a more natural and preventative way.


To learn more about the benefits of colon hydrotherapy click here or to watch a video and know what to expect with the colonic treatment click here.

Whatever your needs and goals are, talk to Juliet at Inside Out Health is the place to start. She will be able to answer your questions in a simple, down to earth manner, giving you information and professional advice to ensure that your colon hydrotherapy programme meets your needs and expectations.

"The best nutrition can be no better than the worst if your colon is not doing its job"


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